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Lucinda @ TedxGlasgow

Earlier this year our founder, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, presented her recipe for success at TedxGlasgow, so we sat down with her to discuss the experience.  

How did it feel when you were initially asked to do your TED talk?

It was an honour to be approached by the Tedx organisers to speak at the Glasgow event. Although I felt daunted at the prospect of creating a talk that lasts exactly 11 minutes, and then learning it word for word, it was a once in a life opportunity to be embraced. The Ted team are hugely supportive, providing guidance throughout the process of writing, learning, refining and delivering the talk.

What was it like being on stage?

I was extremely nervous for weeks before the event and practised my talk over and over again at every opportunity. However, as I prepared to walk on stage, I forced myself to calmly focus on the speech I was about to deliver. It was actually a relief to finally stand on the red carpet and tell the story to such a friendly and supportive audience. The lights were so bright I could only see the first few rows of people which was a blessing and not as daunting as it could have been. I knew my family were somewhere out there too which was a comfort.

Your children were there on the day, what advice/feedback did they give you?

It was just fantastic to have my family with me. Not only did they give me strength to get up there and get on with the task at hand but the reasons for Genius existing at all, is down to them so it was special they were there to hear me. When we met up after my talk, my family were very proud of me as they knew how nervous I had been in the run up to the event. They were also so excited to be attending a Ted event as the atmosphere is electric. They were also missing a day of school which I am sure was a bonus!

Would you consider doing another TED talk in the future?

I was happy to share the Genius story to inspire others to innovate, to plug a need and also to celebrate the incredible journey the Genius team and I have been on for the past decade. I was out of my comfort zone entirely so I would only agree to speak at a Ted talk again if I had something really useful and new to share with the audience.

What other talks were you inspired by at TEDx?

I was blown away by Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England. He is such a polished and intelligent public speaker, weaving important messages and humour throughout his talk. Miga Pognacnik a leadership coach and master of the violin was unique with a deep story to tell. I loved his shirt too!