Genius Gluten Free

Gluten-Free guests tonight?

If your guest has a gluten-free diet, this doesn't mean their dish has to be plain and boring. Here are our top tips for cooking gluten free:

  1. There is lots of tasty food which is naturally gluten free such as fresh meat, fish, vegetables and pulses, just pay attention to any sauces which you may add.

  2. Gluten is hidden in a number of ingredients that are widely used in our cooking so do check the every ingredient. Use wine instead of beer in casseroles, Tamari sauce in place of soy sauce in oriental cooking, fresh stock in place of stock cubes and brown rice or quinoa instead of couscous and cracked wheat.

  3. For gluten-free soups, sauces and gravies, substitute wheat flour with the same amount of rice flour or cornflour for thickening.

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