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  1. What makes Genius different to other gluten-free products on the market?

    Genius bakery products are fresh, deliciously light, and made from high fibre natural ingredients. Our range of delicious gluten-free foods smell, tastes and feel every bit as good as traditional wheat products.

  2. What is the best way to store Genius products?

    All Genius bakery products are best stored in a cool, dry place and kept in their original packaging, re-sealing them where possible.

  3. Can Genius bakery products be frozen?

    Yes, all Genius bakery products purchased in the UK can be frozen. Put them in the freezer as soon as possible after purchase and use within one month of freezing.

  4. Why is the price of Genius products more expensive than those of equivalent gluten containing products?

    It is an inescapable fact that the cost of producing a gluten-free loaf of bread is significantly higher than a loaf made from wheat. Ingredient prices, a highly technical production process, the lack of economies of scale and additional supply chain and distribution costs all contribute to the higher price of gluten-free bakery products compared with wheat-based bread.

    A typical gluten-free loaf will have over 20 ingredients in its recipe, many of which compensate for the lack of wheat. The resultant ingredient cost for a gluten-free loaf is about two to three times that of an equivalent conventional loaf.

    The highly technical manufacturing process used to make gluten-free bread is also a major factor behind the higher cost of producing Genius products. 

  5. Why are Genius products higher in fat that their gluten containing alternatives?

    Genius gluten-free bread contains slightly more fat than conventional wheat bread but it is ‘good fat’ in the form of rapeseed oil. The levels of saturated fat (the fat we all should avoid) in Genius bread are low and similar to those found in wheat bread. The rapeseed oil helps to give Genius its moist texture, brings out the flavour of the ingredients and also helps to keep it fresh and tasty.

  6. Are any of your products suitable for a vegetarian diet?

    With the exception of our Steak Pies, Chicken & Gravy Pies and Sausage Rolls all Genius products are suitable for vegetarians.

  7. Are your products suitable for a vegan diet?

    The following products are suitable for a vegan diet:
    Plain Wrap, Beetroot Wrap, Kale Wrap, Carb Cutter Crisp Bread, Protein Punch Crisp Bread, Fibre Fest Fusilli Pasta, Protein Punch Penne Pasta, Pitta Bread, Plain Bagels and Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels.

    Please note that our bagels are still produced on a site that handles egg, so these are not suitable for egg allergy sufferers.

  8. Are Genius products suitable for a Halal diet?

    Currently we cannot claim Halal status for any Genius product.

  9. Are Genius products suitable for a Kosher diet?

    Currently we cannot claim Kosher status for any Genius product.