FAQ Detail

Our Ingredients

The ingredients in Genius gluten-free food are the real magic behind their great taste.

At Genius, we put a lot of time and care into selecting the ingredients in each new gluten-free recipe we create. This is how we ensure that everything, from our soft bread rolls to our lovely loaves, is as delicious as possible while remaining gluten-free.

  1. Do Genius gluten-free products contain GMO ingredients?

    No! All UK Genius gluten-free food is made with ingredients that are free from GMO.

  2. What is Genius’ position on palm oil?

    Some recipes for our gluten-free foods do contain palm oil. However, we are committed to using palm oil from sustainable sources. We also extend this policy to ingredients in our recipes that are derived from palm oil.

  3. What is the vegetable oil used in Genius gluten-free foods?

    Genius bread is made using rapeseed oil. The levels of saturated fat in rapeseed oil are low and are similar to those found in wheat bread.

    If you have any further questions about ingredients in our gluten-free food, please do [contact us contact us.