FAQ Detail


  1. Do Genius gluten-free foods contain wheat?

    Nope. You’ll be pleased to hear that all of our gluten-free foods are made without wheat.

  2. Do Genius gluten-free foods contain yeast?

    Some of our products do contain yeast. However, this yeast is gluten-free too! The yeast plays a very important part in the baking process as it helps the foods to rise.

    Using alternatives to yeast (like bicarbonate of soda) tends to leave an unpleasant, acidic taste and can be bad for the quality of our bread and other baked foods.

  3. Do Genius gluten-free foods contain egg?

    Yes – because our foods don’t contain gluten, we use egg as a way to bind our bread together.

    The great news is that we only use free range eggs in all Genius foods.

  4. Does Genius gluten-free bread contain dairy?

    Most of our gluten-free bread loaves and rolls are free from milk. However, there are some foods that we make that do contain dairy in their recipe. Check out our product pages for more info.

  5. What's the difference between dairy free and egg free?

    Generally, dairy is any food we get from a cow; milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt etc. (not beef, of course) are core dairy products. As cows don’t lay eggs, eggs aren’t considered dairy or a derivative of dairy.

  6. Are Genius gluten-free foods nut free?

    All Genius foods – apart from our Breakfast Bakes – are made on sites that do not handle nuts. However, some of our ingredient suppliers are unable to guarantee that their sites are nut free.