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Gluten Free BBQ Time

Sunday 25th May 2014

Fire up your BBQ, here are a few juicy gluten-free BBQ tips and recipes.


Meat and fish are naturally gluten-free so why not put them together with roasted vegetables to make delicious kebabs or serve some steaks or BBQ’d fish fillets with a gluten-free grain side dish or tasty root vegetable wedges?

If you’re more of a burger and sausages type of person, our Facebook community recommended the following which would go perfectly with a Genius Seeded Roll.

  • M&S Burgers and Sausages
  • ASDA Gluten Free Sausages
  • Co-op Taste the Difference Sausages and Aberdeen Angus Burgers
  • Waitrose Essential Burgers & Waitrose Gluten Free sausages
  • Sainsbury's Sicilian, Toulouse and Pork and Bramely Apple Sausages


To avoid cross contamination you need to clean your BBQ grill after having cooked gluten containing foods. An alternative option is to BBQ gluten free for everyone which eliminates the risk all together.

To successfully clear the grill of gluten, heat grill to the highest temperature and keep it burning for 20 minutes or until all the residues on the grate have charred. Use a brush to scrape grate clean.


Before you smother your steak with sauce or coat your fish in a pre-prepared marinade, check the labels. Products made with soy or teriyaki may contain wheat, unless otherwise designated as gluten-free.


Genius bread makes fantastic gluten-free breadcrumbs for homemade burgers and fish cakes. Just blitz a couple of slices in a blender and include in the recipe as per gluten-containing breadcrumbs.


Gluten Free BBQ

From left top clockwise

For more gluten-free BBQ recipes click here


By Genius


Be very careful of sauces when not at home! I keep mini sealable bottles to take with me!
Posted by lynseync on
If you're hosting, do EVERYTHING gluten free. No wheat bread baps, no gluten burgers or sausages, nothing - so there's absolutely no chance of cross contamination. Tell them at the end if needs be!
Posted by angharadpj on
My bbq food has to have loads of flavour - I love chicken marinade in yoghurt and spices over night, with a slice of barbecued halloumi and topped with herby salad in a bun, or for my veggie friends replace the chicken with aubergine!
Posted by Andina on
My top tip is.... If you are catering for ceoliacs and non ceoliacs. Keep everything that goes on the grill gluten free and have two seperate tables for gluten free bread sauces and salad. And another for the non gluten breads etc. Make sure everyone is aware what table they can go to and that they need to get there meat off the BBQ before they get there condements. That way no crosscontamination. Of cousre you can all sit together just the serving tables to be seperate. It works in my family :)
Posted by Beenz on
Make GF garlic and cheese bread in some yummy Genius seeded rolls, start it off in the oven & finish wrapped in foli on the BBQ grill. Y U M
Posted by Minxykar on
A good BBQ is all about combinations! Sauces, salad, cheese, meat, fish.. and vegetable kebabs are a must! Juicy burger are a must or go adventurous with sundried tomato pesto stuffed squid and prawns with a herb and walnut coating.

Gluten free bread, homemade burgers, chips, crisps, dips and salad!
And don't forget the drink!

Any style of BBQ works for me!
Posted by BassEma on
My top tips for Gluten Free BBQ. Genius Gluten Free Bread Rolls, Asda Gluten Free Sausages, Homemade Burgers, Keep gluten free utensils separate from others, keel gluten free food on one side of BBQ so you don't get contaminated and if you make fresh salad, use serving spoons for the salad so nobody puts their cutlery in and out of the salad.
Posted by hcotton1988 on
Reduce the stress and ensure all food and drink is gluten free so that everyone can enjoy without label reading!
Have a choice of BBQ mains to suit virtually everyone - GF Sausages / Burgers, Salmon & Vegetables such as aubergine, courgette, peppers etc, a big bowl of mixed salad and coleslaw & some GF Sauces (BBQ, Tomato & Sweet Chilli).
Add another dimension to your BBQ by serving a BBQ'd GF dessert - hollow out a banana skin and mash the banana that you've removed in a bowl, mix with mini GF marshmallows and a small amount of chopped up chocolate, spoon this mixture back into the hollowed out banana skin and wrap the whole thing in tin foil; put on the BBQ for a couple of minutes until the marshmallows and chocolate begin to melt - serve with whipped cream &/or ice cream!
Posted by SonicWheelie on
I'm lucky in that my friends are all hyper-aware of my diet and take so much care at BBQs! My biggest tip is to cook your meet first, unless you can make sure everyone eats gluten free. Remember, just because you're gluten free it doesn't mean BBQs have to be boring!

My boyfriend and I tend to make our own burgers and flavour with things like chipotle, mexican cheese and red onion. Sausages tend to be The Black Farmer gluten free chipolatas- these are just amazing! We also grill chicken breasts that have been marinated in spices as an alternative to red meat.

I always make my Nan's pasta salad- layers of chopped fresh vegetables topped with pasta (in a lemon and mayonnaise sauce) and cheese. It goes down a treat! Kebabs of cherry tomatoes, red onion and feta/goats cheese work very well for the veggies and bring a hint of the Mediterranean. It's also really easy to make quinoa or bean vegetable burgers!

For dessert- barbecued pineapple served with Greek Yoghurt and mint. Perfectly light and refreshing after all that food.
Posted by kimmie on
I love to make a wide range of BBQ food so that there is something for everyone! Meat is marinaded in lots of spices, I love to make lots of different salads and fresh coleslaw, also love veggie shish kebabs with peppers, courgettes, aubergines, delicious!
thanks for the fab competition!
Posted by sweetkat32 on
Make your own burgers to be sure they are gluten free & serve them in Genius seeded rolls.
Posted by psayburn on
When hosting a BBQ I like to go all out with the side dishes so the bread isn't a main feature - potato salad with chorizo, quinoa salads and some nice homemade salsa/guac will ensure no one is missing the burger buns!
I always make my burgers from scratch -minced pork and beef with mustard, an egg, gluten free crackers and herbs galore! So I have complete control for what I'm eating so I know I will only feel the hangover the next day...
When going to a BBQ I like to take with me a homemade dish that will fill me up if there's no gluten free options available - making vegetable skewers with halloumi cheese and a decadent potato salad - I'm good to go!
Also I always wipe off any tongs or spoons before I help myself to food that's layer out to make sure there's no left over crumbs getting in the way!
Posted by kittysaysrelax on
Try fish, leave on skin as it hold the fish together, and marinade to your choice and put on skewers , easier to take on on of the BBQ, and quick to cook.

If using chicken legs or thighs boil the day before, allow to go cold then marinade overnight in fridge, cook to crisp the skin, and no worries about under cooked meat.

Get someone else to do the cooking to give you time off as I bet you've done all the shopping.
Posted by Suep on
With genius rolls it isn't too difficult to convert gluten eaters to the gluten free version, in my family some prefer them! By making sure all of the barbecue is gluten free and making your own salads and sauces is the best and tastiest way.
Posted by agfarmer on
Marinade your chicken in gluten free soya sauce to tenderize it and to add flavour. When making Your burgers put all the ingredients in the food processor everything holds together without the need for breadcrumbs. Serve with Genius rolls.
Posted by goshawkeye on
If you are going to a big BBQ and you can't guarantee that the food is going to be ok, take some of your own wrapped in foil
(eg sausages, chicken pieces, burgers, baking potatoes) and put it on the BBQ still wrapped in the foil. Just be sure to give it a wee bit extra time to cook though. Make sure the 'chef' knows its yours and that it doesn't need anything done to it other then being left well alone! Enjoy :)
Posted by Lauramacfarlane on
When going to a barbique always take your own just make sure you wrop the food in tin foil and it will be safe.
fish and vegitable are excellent when cooked in tin foil. You then don't have to worry just enjoy.
Posted by Thelma on
My top tip for a bbq is invite friends and family that all get along, have a relaxed atmosphere, be prepared for bad weather and cater solely for the Coeliac. Everyone else will enjoy the food, just don't tell them till after they have eaten, and the Coeliac person will not feel the odd one out. Make punch to drink and have plenty of chilled wine, cider,iced tea and if the weather is cold some hot toddies to warm your hands on. Keep the food all gluten free and experiment. Don't just do burgers and sausages, do fish, make your own burgers with chicken mince, lamb mince. Make a huge salad. Enjoy the day what ever the weather. Being all gluten free the Coeliac person will have a great time.
Posted by vincent30 on
Instead of using barley, bulgur or couscous for grain salads and sides, substitute rice, quinoa, millet or polenta
Posted by emiedo on
Marinate prawns in chili, lime, coconut cream and tamarind. BBQ for a couple of minutes then either serve with salad or on a roll. Drizzle remainder of marinade over prawns.
Posted by armak on
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